July Monthly Health Challenge

Challenge Begins:

The Challenge:

This month I have a daily challenge for you. I want you to walk 5km a day, or bike 10 km a day every single day in July. This can be outdoors or indoors. I will also be partaking, so I have high expectations for those who would like to serve me properly.

How to Participate:

Each participant is required to send a 100$ tribute. You can send that HERE (via LoyalFans). You will track your walk via any app on your phone and send proof to me upon completion for the day.

What If I Miss a Day?

Did you let me know ahead of time that you may miss it? Otherwise, you miss out on the chance to receive your reward.


Those of you who succeed at this task will receive a 5 minute personalised video or a 10 minute personalised audio. Successful pet’s choice. It will be delivered to your email. Lucky you, my custom work is expensive and this is a great opportunity!

Challenge Closes in:

Please Note: By participating in this challenge, you confirm that there is no medical reason to abstain from physical exertion. Ms Ambre Jade is not responsible for any injuries or malaise that should happen during the challenge. These challenges are created to have submissive marionettes embrace an active life style and create healthy habits.

January Step Challenge

January Challenge Begins In:

The Challenge:

January is all about your steps. I would like you to record and send me your daily steps. The individual with the highest daily average of steps will receive an amazing gift from Me!

How I will calculate the steps:

I will ask that you send me screen shots from either your phone or your watch. This is the best way. I will not accept anecdotal data.

I will use the total number of steps taken throughout the month and divide it by 31 (that’s how averages work). The individual will get a special, exclusive gift from me. Seems like a good reason to move your ass!

The Score so far:

My puppy












Challenges closes in:

Be Better

Be Better is the January 2023 training course. The purpose of this is to find ways within your existence to make you better. A better submissive, a better person, a better pet. While this course is not specifically erotic there are hints, cause well, have you met me? 😉

This is a conversation, well more of a monologue between you and me. I am enlightening you on the dimensions of wellness and exploring where you can do better, be better.

Be Better – Part 1:

The first part should last a minimum of 10 days. During which you will watch the video and journal as instructed. I am asking you to look at the dimensions of wellness and see where you see places where you can make improvements.

I expect everyone to be journaling and writing their thoughts and ideas during this phase. Self-awareness is key.

Be Better – Part 2:

This second part is focused on places I feel most people could improve and suggestions to make the necessary changes. This is primarily about behaviour changes in your daily life. Ways to put being better at the forefront of your mind.

Journaling will continue. In this phase you will focus primarily on where you may struggle when making the necessary changes, and ways you may need to modify. Remember always that the changes need to be realistic in order to be lasting. Bring any struggles you have here to me to explore them more deeply.

Be Better – Part 3:

The third and final part of this adventure is focused on being a better submissive. How you can strive to improve the life of your Domme using the dimensions of wellness to find your place.

This doesn’t not necessarily need to be focused on me. I will give my thoughts and opinions on how it pertains to my subs, however this will be useful no matter who you are serving.

Purchase Be Better:

The training guide will be available for purchase as of January 1st through my LoyalFans Video store.